Monstera Plant

Monstera has been a favorite residence plant for many years. With correct caring immature specimens (sometimes incorrectly sole as Philodendron pertusum) shortly rise vast adult leaves that are seperated and deeply cut. Sturdy support is essential, and stems can strech a heigh of 20 ft or more. If your aim is to grow a high Monstera plant with hulk leaves we contingency caring for a aerial roots – pull them into a compost or use a moss stick.Monstera is an evergreen pleasant plant, family of lianas. Monstera produces tiny leaves and spindly leaf-stalks when there is not adequate light, so liughtness is essential. The Monstera stops flourishing altogether in low shade.

Monstera deliciosa

Monstera leaves are made like a heart; they are utterly vast and beautiful, abounding immature color. Around a fringe of a leaves are organised exquisite cuts. The leaves are well-spoken and shiny. There a length adult to one meter.

Monstera plant prefers a shady, bottle giveaway position, with good healthy light. Feed once each dual weeks during summer. Give it a good watering, though concede a pot to dry out a tiny between waterings. Less H2O is compulsory in winter. The plant will advantage from carrying a leaves sponged frequently. Using purify H2O with a few drops of divert added.

The Monsteras are easy to grow and have no special requirements. However, a white lily-like flowers and succulent fruits are usually expected to seem on conservatory or hothouse plants.

Monstera deliciosa is a class grown as a residence plant. With correct caring hulk leaves will be produced. The form Monstera variegata has white and cream lines or rags on a leaves – some-more colorful though not indispensably some-more attractive. Where space is singular grow a compress accumulation M. borsigiana or M. mini.

Monstera variegata

Monstera propagation

– Seed. Seeds for successful germination are compulsory splendid comfortable room. Sprout with a initial leaves will seem during a month, though it still does not have slots. Adult leaves seem after 6 months. Further caring is elementary – yearly pruning and transplant.

– Cuttings. Monster is propagated by cuttings from open to early summer. You need to cut off thrive with 2-3 leaves. The place where a petiole was cut is sprinkled with charcoal. The petiole is planted into a pot that is placed in a mini greenhouse. It is watered 2 times a day. The plant should be transplanted into another pot when a roots appear.

Monstera obliqua

– Top. You need to cut off a tip and put in H2O for rooting. Water is used boiled and mostly change. Activated CO is dissolved in a H2O to forestall rotting of a sheet. A lot of roots will be contributed to a fast presentation of leaves.

Monstera problems start if wrong caring or watering.

If a leaves are dry and tumble off – is too hot. You need to pierce a Monstera deliciosa divided from approach feverishness or object and mostly sprayed with water.

If a stalks are rotting in a winter – a dirt is most waterlogged.

The leaves turn yellow, dries and on a aspect seem brownish-red spots – dampness is not enough.

Leaves are tiny and faded – not adequate light.

Monstera deliciosa fast loses a leaves – a miss of nutrients.