Nerines In The Fall Garden

Nerines In The Fall Garden – Nerines are customarily deliberate to be too proposal to grow outdoors, though there is one audacious class that can be relied on to arrangement a eye-catching flowers in a tumble garden. It is a many critical nerine in elaborate horticulture, rarely valued for a cold tolerance, bearing as a enclosure theme and massed bedding plant, and for a long-lasting cut flowers. The ideal annual bulb to supplement tone when a rest of a garden is circuitous down, nerine produces frilly pinkish flower clusters.


Nerines seem in a tumble – clusters of long-lasting blooms during a tip of a leafless stalk. Strap-shaped leaves seem in late summer, grow during winter and open and afterwards die down in summer.

There are several South African local class of this bulb, a tighten relations of a Crinum Lily and a Amaryllis. In Europe, this one is infrequently called Jersey Lily, given it is compared with a famous English singer Lily Langtry.


Most nerines are proposal hothouse bulbs, though Nerine bowdenii is a nearest to being hardy, and good value planting outdoor in a comfortable balmy limit corroborated by a preserve of a wall. Nerines work good in a churned herbaceous limit and make an glorious cut flower. Protect a crowns with peat or bracken in winter.

Varieties: Nerine bowdenii is a class to grow. The flowers magnitude about 3 in. opposite – long, spidery petals that are disfigured and reflexed. The tone is low pinkish – grow ‘Pink Triumph’ for dulcet pinkish blooms. Plant a bulbs in a easeful spot, preferably tighten to a south-facing wall.


Site and soil: Well-drained dirt and full object are essential. Not most fertilizer. (Don’t forget that South African bulbs are customarily used to gritty, fast-draining soils).

Propagation: Divide packed clumps in open – replant during once.

Plant details: Planting time is April-May. Planting abyss is 4 in, spacing 6 in, and tallness 2 ft. Flowering duration is September-October.