New Ways To Decorate With Vases For Summer 2017

Photo: mmari1989 on Instagram 

As the summertime blooms blossom outside, there’s nothing quite like a gorgeous vase to help you bring florals into your own space. From pastel pinks to creamy whites, a beautiful vase can keep your flowers under control and transform your living room into a sanctuary. Whether your bloom of choice is a rose or a tulip, try drawing your inspiration from these decorative ideas.

Turn to creamy flowers in a navy blue ceramic vase: Try creating a winning combination with the inclusion of white and navy tones. In fact, a bunch of gorgeous ivory flowers can look stunning placed inside a gleaming dark blue ceramic vase.

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Think all-white for a striking theme: If your living room currently involves shades of white, create a monochromatic look with the inclusion of textured white porcelain vases. Arrange slender branches or springs of greenery inside the vases, and surround your walls with framed artwork.


Photo: artgenossin1 on Instagram 

Put yellow and pink roses inside dusty pink porcelain vases: A burst of sunshine yellow and rosy pink can instantly rejuvenate even the most tired and dreary space. Slip your roses inside these colourful containers, and prepare to instantly calm and soothe your guests with the luxurious tones.