Organic Garden – How To Avoid Pesticides?

Organic Garden – How To Avoid Pesticides? Organic garden completely excludes the use of pesticides. This is really perilous for the product, the plants and even to humans. But how to make your garden organic? There are 3 main ways to achieve this goal.

One of the easiest ways to protect your vegetable organic garden against prevalent pests, including aphids, mites and beetles (and avoid pesticides), is to make your plants as healthy and robust as you can. The soil should be well ventilated. It should include all essential nutrients for vegetables to grow. You must ensure organic fertilization of soil and offer protection in the form of mulching. Removing weeds and small plants frequently will improve the system of all-natural defense of your organic garden.


The second way includesthe natural attraction of beneficial insects that eat garden pests. This can be a particularly easy organic gardening task. Insects, like ladybugs, lacewings and hover flies are very useful for managing organic garden. Ladybugs eat mites and whiteflies.


The third way to avoid pesticides can also be quite simple and very useful. You will be able to just create plants that repel pests. This is usually not some exotic plants, but also well-known herbs and vegetables. They generate cultures and naturally repel insects at the same time. This makes them especially valuable. Spearmint and cilantro are effective in repelling aphids. You can easily grow basil and rosemary to repel flies and moths. You can protect your cabbage sprouts from butterflies using peppermint.


There are alsovegetables that repel pests successfully. You can plant garlic and chives near plants attacked by aphids. Tomatoes are useful in repelling cabbage worms and some types of beetles.

So, you can take all three pest repelling organic solutions to have a beautiful organic garden. It is wise not to use artificial pesticides because they can kill the useful insects and plants.


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