Organic Gardening Supply

Organic Gardening Supply – Some gardeners now use nothing but organic products and tools. Organic gardeners need supplies that may differ a little from the conventional gardener in order to sustain their gardens.

To prepare the garden for planting, a shovel, spade and spading fork are priceless. A hoe is useful to remove the weeds in your new garden bed or to remove rocks. A scuffle hoe has a blade that points forward and cuts the weeds off at the surface. A pry bar can be used to dig up the large rocks or boulders that can be a problem in your garden.


A garden always can use a good pruning. To keep those healthy flowers on your rose bushes, a periodic pruning with good quality shears is a must. Lopping shears will also make a clean cut on those prickly rose stems to ward off disease.

These however are the conventional gardening supplies that any gardener can use. For an organic gardener there are a few different items that need to be added to their organic gardening supply. Whereas the normal gardener has the choice of using chemical enhanced fertilizers the organic gardener can use bat guano or even worm castings.


Bat guano organic fertilizer

With these organic fertilizers all that is needed is a couple of applications per month. Worm castings are the tunnels that are created as worms move through the soil. This movement not only breaks and loosens the soil, it also adds fertilizing nutrients to the soil. Organic fertilizers like these help to increase the growth and health of plants within your garden. Therefore they are an essential organic gardening supply item.


Gardening can be compared to painting. The canvas is the ground and the brushes are the gardening tools. Many of the tools used by the ordinary gardener and the organic gardener are similar but the organic gardener needs a few specialty items to make his garden or canvas have that extra advantage of look, taste or smell.

Organic gardening is 100% all natural and great for the environment. Why don’t you switch to organic gardening and see the difference it makes to your life.