Paint Splatters Are A Funky And Free-Spirited New Décor Trend

Photo: crowcanyonhome on Instagram 

While paint splatters may immediately evoke the idea of an art project gone wild, this rising décor trend is making a splash (pun intended!) in the world of interior design. For non-conformists who are tired of pastels and well-behaved neutrals, the splatter effect trend just may revive your humble abode in true creative form. If you’re craving a taste of rebellion without leaving the four walls of your home, look no further than the paint splatter trend this season. Here are our favourite ways to embrace this unexpected new decorating fad now.

Fill a black and white splatter effect vase with colourful blooms: Bring a hint of springtime into your space, in the form of cheerful florals arranged inside a splatter ceramic vase. Stick to black and white splatter prints, for a chic contrasting effect against yellow and orange tulips, luscious greenery and faux red berries.

Photo: roomwerk on Instagram 

Arrange your splatterware pieces on light wooden shelves: With their striking, eye-catching visual effect, there’s nothing quite like splatter print ceramic pieces to create a statement. To showcase splattered plates, bowls and decorative serving trays, turn to blond wooden shelving for the ultimate in understated elegance.

Photo: danishdesignsbyrachel on Instagram 

Decorate your living room with a white splatter sofa and vibrant accent pillows: While splatterware is certainly making a name for itself at home, splatter print furnishings are just as appealing for a burst of colour. Turn to a vintage inspired white sofa adorned with splashy splatter prints, and complete the look with orange and turquoise printed couch cushions. To balance out your décor, a glass top coffee table, ornate black mantelpiece and gold-plated statement mirror all help to offer a regal air.