Pantone’s Marss Green Is The Most Popular Design Colour Of 2017

Recently, colour authority Pantone Universe titled Marss Green as the world’s favourite colour for 2017. Although it’s a well-known fact that verdant shades are ruling the interior design sphere this year, the announcement of this punchy green hue is a new one. With its vaguely aquatic vibes and turquoise and teal tones, Marss Green can bring a beautiful finish to just about any space, from a cramped condo to a sprawling house. We’ve curated a few ways to inject this colour into your home right now.

Photo: hinck_amsterdam on Instagram 

Turn to colourful cushions: There’s nothing like a pop of colour to bring a dull living room to life this summer. Consider decorating your living room with vibrant Marss Green-coloured accent cushions. A few strategically placed pillows can immediately refresh a plush velvet sofa, or bring the spotlight to your bookshelves.

Photo: covermag2005 on Instagram 

Consider accent walls or painted furniture: From a wooden chair adorned with a coat of this rich hue to a beautifully painted wall, the decorating possibilities are endless. If you’re truly feeling adventurous, the likes of a funky floor lamp in a bright Marss Green shade just may do the trick.

Photo: ebomonline on Instagram 

Redecorate your kitchen: To update your kitchen in a couple of simple steps, consider contrasting this colour with ivory accents. The look of white and Marss Green-painted kitchen cabinets and shelves can offer your kitchen a cool, contemporary effect. With the light streaming through the windows, the shade is sure to seize attention and brighten the area.