Planting Shrubs To Feed The Birds

Provide a healthy food source by planting shrubs to feed a birds – shrubs and trees that will yield berries and fruit to your birds all year long. What is smashing about fruit temperament trees and shrubs is a stately flowers they furnish in allege of a flowers bend to seeds/berries that a birds only love.

If we plant a accumulation of shrubs that flower and fruit during opposite times of a year, your birds will have a healthy source of food and we won’t have to spend utterly as most on bird seed either. It is generally critical to have food for birds during a winter months.

This past winter in a Northeast and for most of a US was generally heartless and not all birds and H2O fowl survived. In Michigan, a lakes froze over for such a prolonged time that a mallard ducks died from starvation. We contingency all be responsive of a fact that infrequently inlet needs a small bit of assistance and if we can yield it we must.

holly trees and robin

Robin cooking holly tree’s berries

Here are some berry producing shrubs that we might wish to cruise planting this year:




American Elder



Eastern Red Cedar



Staghorn Sumac





Heavenly Bamboo


Viburnum opulus

A small bit about a favorite berry-producing shrub, a Viburnum. Viburnum is a flowering plant with pleasing flowers that freshness in early spring. The Viburnum creates a poetic limit plant as a underbrush grow to be utterly high and wide. The overwhelming flowers are transposed by berries that develop over a entrance months providing birds with a smashing food source.

– Most viburnum flower in open with flowers that can be white, dim pinkish or even dim pink.

– They can strech 8 feet in tallness and grow 4-6 feet wide.

– Many bear fruits in late summer or early fall. The berries are oval and might be red, black or blue.

– Viburnum can grow in well-drained dirt in full object to prejudiced shade.


Viburnum flowering shrub

– Viburnum can be grown by seed, and we will find justification of this when seedlings grow nearby existent bushes. But we might also take softwood cuttings off a bend and use this to grow another plant.

– Viburnum will grow best in USDA Zones 4 to 8.

If we live in a New Jersey area and would like to buy Viburnums take a good expostulate to a Great Swamp Greenhouses. Located in a center of a Great Swamp in Gillette, New Jersey, they have a smashing preference of annuals and perennials that will make your yard a loyal breakwater for a birds and a feast for a eyes.


Holly trees also yield a extensive source of food in a passed of winter. When a red berries develop and a sleet mounts up, a robins feast on a berries. It seems that they wait as prolonged as probable before they deplane into a Holly trees and assimilate a berries. Robins do not eat seed, though adore berries and fruit and of march worms that they can't locate when sleet and ice cover a ground. So, a Holly trees yield that food source for these pleasing birds.

Once your yard turn bird-friendly, lay behind and suffer a uncover and listen for a songs from a happy birds vital in your yard.


Oregon Grapes

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