Potting Table Ideas

Potting Table Ideas – If you have been shopping for a potting table, you have recognized that they aren’t all alike. Some follow a basic design, while others incorporate extra features for additional storage and better organization. If your gardening supplies have become a mess, maybe these features can help you.

Nearly every potting table offers some shelves in addition to the work space. Generally, the bottom shelf will be wide and sturdy. This shelf is the best place to store heavier and larger items – things like bags of mulch and potting soil, planters and buckets, watering cans. Some potting tables have more than one wide shelf. If you are concerned that some tall items might not fit in a multi-shelf unit, measure the items you plan to store.

Then when you shop, you can compare the measurements to the table’s specifications. Taking inventory of the items you will store will help you select the table that fits your needs.


Potting table

Many potting tables also contain a small upper shelf at the top of the unit. The small shelf can hold gardening tools or small seedlings and cuttings. You could also place packets of seeds on this shelf.

You might wish to look for a potting table with a covered bucket for soil mixing. In some models, you can pull a piece of wood from the work table. This wood covers an inset bucket or basin where you can mix soil. To use the full space, you can easily replace the cover until you need to dip into the soil again.


A potting table may also come with additional storage features, including hooks and drawers. Hooks may appear on the sides or along the back. You can hang gardening tools, aprons, or gloves from these hooks. Drawers might also be used for storing these same items. Or perhaps you have other small paraphernalia that currently have no home. Drawers might be a feature you don’t want to do without when you buy a potting table.


Many potting tables have been designed specifically to be easily portable. Some have light frames, no more than 20 pounds. Others come equipped with wheels, so you can roll your work station all around your yard or garden. A table that is easy to move will be important if you can’t set up the table in a location central to all your gardening work, or if you don’t want to make numerous trips back and forth to your station while performing your work outside.


After you’ve considered the ways in which you want to use your potting table, and which features are most important to you, you can look for the right model. You can consider features such as shelving, soil basins, hooks, drawers, and portability. To make your selection easier, you might want to list your favorite features in order of priority. Select the model whose features match your list the closest. If you know ahead of time what you want, you will find a potting table (or potting bench) that will help to keep you organized and keep your gardening a joy.






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