Quality Finishes In Small Spaces Bring The Wow Factor

It can be super easy to vamp up the interior of your cute and cozy home. Don’t assume that just because your space is small that your options are limited. In fact, they are endless. All it takes are investing into quality finishes for the “wow factor.” In other words, your tiling, floors and lighting are the most important aspects of your home and if those are well done, you’ll instantly transform the overall atmosphere in your home from cute and cozy to chic and stylish.

1) It’s all about eye-catching detail when it comes to decorating your home. Crown molding is an excellent way to add richness to the overall appearance of connecting the walls and ceiling together. It will instantly make your living room look more modern.

crownBrian Moloney Flickr

2) Deciding what colour to paint your space can be a difficult choice. It’s best to opt for a crisp white for a neutral and modern look. Also, white matches perfectly with everything if you decide to change it up again in the future.

white TNS Sofres Flickr

3) Forget the wall to wall carpet and go for dark wood that will add richness and ultimate sophistication. It has classic visual appeal and looks lavish and expensive. You can also place a pretty rug in the centre to tie the room together.

hardwood2Kristine Flickr

4) Change the hardware in your home if it looks old fashioned and replace it with more modern and unique pieces. Also change the back splash of your kitchen as well as old faucets, cupboards, bathtubs and banisters.

faucetMovement Six Flickr

5) Window treatments instantly ake your room look more modern and elegant. It all depends on the type of window you want and the possibilities are endless! Try to avoid unlined and cheap looking curtains as this is a sure sign of poor quality. Opt for the selections at fabric stores for a more personalized look.

windowStephen Harris Flickr

6) Lighting is the perfect accessory to add personality and style to any room. Replace those old ceiling fans with a unique chandelier. You’d be surprised at the variety at your local flea market, so don’t bother investing in a high-end lighting store because you’ll need a lot of different lighting fixtures. Add a few stylish table lamps and floor lamps to instantly make your room look elegant. We absolutely love the idea of a white and gold floor lamp that just screams elegance and class.

7) Furniture is what first catches anyone’s eyes. Invest in quality, modern furniture that will match well with your walls, flooring and carpet and overall decor. Add a collection of colourful and printed cushions to glam up a couch.

furnKmeneses Flickr