Red Hot Poker Plant

Red Hot Poker Plant – Over a years Red Hot Poker plant (also famous as Torch lily) has altered a latin name from Tritoma to Kniphofia, and a hybridists have also extended a tone range. A word of counsel – we can buy a Red Hot Poker and it might be all-red, yellow or even white, so select with caring if we wish a normal red-tipped variety. Whatever a flower color, all furnish clumps of grass-like leaflet and spikes temperament prolonged tubular flowers.

Mulch in late open and H2O in dry weather. Cold winters can be a problem. Flowers rise during a summer and final for weeks. In tumble mislay a flower spikes, tie a leaves together and cover with peat. Red Hot Poker plant will rest for a few months before commencement a subsequent flourishing cycle in spring.

Red Hot Poker varieties

The renouned choice is a accumulation or hybrid of K. uvaria – tallness 2½ to 5 ft, spacing 3 ft, flowering duration Jul – September. For a ‘true’ poker – red or orange during a tip and yellow during a base, select ‘Royal Standard‘, ‘The Rocket’, ‘Springtime’ or ‘H.C. Mills’.

For singular colors, collect ‘Alcazar‘ (orange), ‘Maid of Orleans‘ (white) or ‘Bees Lemon‘ (yellow). The hulk is ‘Samuel’s Sensation’ (5-6 ft, red color). There is a off-hand orange dwarf – K. galpinii.

Kniphofia ‘Bees Lemon’

Site and soil

Any well-drained garden dirt will do – thrives best in full sun. Peat moss, compost, belligerent bellow or decomposed fertiliser all work good and are widely available. Red Hot Poker plant will not tarry in soils that are H2O logged.

Kniphofia uvaria


Divide packed clumps in spring.

A favorite of hummingbirds and butterflies, this surprising plant is easy to grow, even for beginners.

Kniphofia Lemon Popsicle