Revamp Your Sunroom For Summer With These Ideas


Photo: decoratingaddict on Instagram 

While you may have perfected your sunroom décor last year, Summer 2016 offers a perfect opportunity to upgrade your solarium. If you’ve been spending the majority of your summertime indoors, then stepping into the solarium can help you soak up the sun’s rays without leaving your air-conditioned home. We’ve curated our favourite ways to decorate this space now, and truly transform it into a sunny oasis.

Contrast wicker furniture with bright purple and soft green accent colours: For a simple yet sophisticated space, use dark brown wicker chairs and a matching ottoman to create an instantly welcoming sunroom. Next, accessorize with paisley and floral printed pillows in shades of ivory, bright green and tangerine. Add contrasting cushions in pale green and violet hues, and add a cool purple and white area rug to complete your space.


Photo: christine_york on Instagram 

Adopt a beach inspired aesthetic with pastel tones: If you prefer dreamy, ethereal tones, draw your interior design inspiration from the calming pale blue shades of the ocean. Turn to beach inspired décor, and adorn your sunroom with a powder blue sofa, pale wooden walls, ivory lamp, and a sleek white coffee table. Meanwhile, framed seaside paintings, decorative seashells and a refreshing white armchair add a finishing touch.


Photo: silkivorystaging on Instagram 

Infuse your space with brilliant yellow armchairs and shades of dove grey: For a punchy and vibrant approach to the trend, create the perfect sunroom with mustard yellow leather armchairs. Add a fluffy off-white area rug, grey and white plaid accents and painted white chairs to contrast with the vivid tones on display.