Saponaria Plant

Saponaria Plant – The common names of Saponaria (Soapwort, Bouncing Bet) are a beam to some of its  properties. Stir a handful of cut leaves in a play of H2O and a churn constructed reveals because it is called Soapwort. Leave a clump  to grow composed in a limit for a few years and a steer of  its stems springing adult among other plants reveals because it is also called Bouncing Bet.

It is unequivocally too invasive for a choice border,  but it stays a desirable lodge garden plant. The make stems  bear lance-shaped leaves and in summer a depot cluster of  flowers. It is totally trouble-free – merely out down the  stems to belligerent turn in a fall. 

Saponia officinalis

Varieties of Saponaria

Thespecies grown in gardens is Saponaria officinalis (height2-3 FT,  spacing 2 ft, flowering period  JuIy – September). The pinkish single- flowered class is one of a local flowers, found furious in hedges and  woodland, as good as being a renouned plant in cottage gardens, though it has now been mostly superseded by a double-flowering varieties  –  ‘Rosea Plena’ (pink), ‘Rubra Plena’ (red) and ‘Alba Plena’ (white).

Saponaria officinalis

Site and soil

Any reasonable garden dirt will do — thrives in object or light shade. 


 Divide clumps in tumble or spring.    

Saponaria ocimoides