See The Dodie Thayer Lettuce Leaf Dinnerware Collection For Tory Burch Spring 2015

DODIE THAYER FOR TORY BURCHPhoto: Tory Burch on Instagram 

With Spring 2015 officially here, the season’s latest designer home collections have left us coveting revamped spaces and refreshed décor. With the new Dodie Thayer dinnerware collection for Tory Burch now released, it looks like the lush green leaves of lettuce are on the menu for tableware trends.

For anyone hoping to update their dinnerware for spring, Palm Beach, Florida-based artisan Thayer has partnered with New York City-based designer Tory Burch to release an updated line of Lettuce Ware dishes. It certainly looks like a mix of modern and vintage, with 48-year-old style icon Burch and retired artist Thayer joining forces for this latest creative project.

tory burchPhoto: Tory Burch on Instagram

The vintage inspired Dodie Thayer for Tory Burch collection features glazed salad plates, soup bowls, mugs and serving dishes in bold green shades.

Thayer began designing and selling her pottery in the 1960s while living in California, and molded her creations from real cabbage and lettuce leaves. At the time, fashionable decorating divas like then-U.S. First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis were known to love the designs.

The dinnerware line of ceramic stoneware dishes also includes a set of green and white Gingko Cocktail Napkins, made from cotton and meant to complement the Lettuce Ware dishes.

While the country style ceramics may be a quirky choice for the streamlined, urban aesthetic of Tory Burch, the fresh shade of Duncan Irish Green and the leafy vibe of the collection fit into Spring 2015’s décor themes. With both ‘60s looks and hues of inviting green set to make a splash at home, this latest collaboration for Tory Burch is right in line with upcoming trends.