Sign And Symptoms Of Common Tree Diseases

Sign And Symptoms Of Common Tree Diseases – You give them the best soil, the right food, and plenty of sunshine but sometimes even trees can get sick. Trees are susceptible to a variety of infestations and diseases. If you suspect that your tree is infected, there are several signs to look for. Here are some of the most common diseases.

Root rot

Soil with poor drainage is the cause of root rot. Low lying areas that are prone to flooding during the rainy season are also susceptible to this disease.


Keep this in mind when you are spacing your landscaping. Discolored leaves, wilt, and soft spots are usually precursors to tree death. Planting trees and shrubs away from downspouts and swales will reduce the occurrence of wood rot.


Powdery mildew

This sort of disease will manifest itself in the form of white fungal powder on tree leaves. It is usually caused by high humidity and poor air circulation. It is also highly contagious and will spread from one tree to the next if left untreated. High-walled gardens, overcrowded landscaping, and poor drainage will contribute to the spread of this disease.


Seiridium canker

This disease is particular to the Leyland Cypress. Drought and heat stress usually precede this disease. If discovered early, it can be controlled by pruning the affected branches. Prevention involves a schedule of regular watering but if the damage is too widespread, removing the tree may be your only option.


Fire blight

This disease affects members of the rose family including apple, crabapple, and pear. Shoots will suddenly turn black and die. It usually appears between April and June during blooming. A treatment of nitrogen in the summer can increase your tree’s immunity to fire blight. Pruning branches at the earliest sign of damage can prevent the spread of the disease but make sure to clean your tools afterward with isopropyl alcohol. Fire blight is highly contagious but there are resistant varieties available on the market today.


Preventative maintenance

Keeping your landscaping clear of debris is a simple way to prevent diseases and infestations. Every spring, make sure to clear out dead leaves and foliage leftover from winter. Replace old mulch to prevent mold and fungi from growing.