Stunning Floral Arrangement Ideas For Summer 2015

With lazy afternoons and sunshine-filled mornings officially welcoming us into Summer 2015, the season’s cheerful blossoms are a quick way to update your space at home. While you may have featured a centrepiece with dried cranberries and pinecones over the winter, summertime floral arrangements call for precious petals and inviting colours. Here are a few inspired ideas for decorating your home with seasonal blooms.

1) Pair pale pink roses with vivid red dahlias: Keeping up with the Summer 2015 trend of dainty pink hues, the classic look of roses paired with dahlias can bring instant colour into your home. The scarlet colour of red dahlias offers an exotic, alluring touch, while the delicate roses keep the arrangement looking fresh and sweet.

2) Combine tulips with lilacs for a contrasting bouquet: Naturally, the warmer months call for playful colour and contrasting blooms. If traditional pink roses have left you bored, try expanding on floral trends by pairing yellow tulips with light purple lilacs. The striking colour combination will illuminate even the most tired space, and bring a touch of a summertime garden into the great indoors.

3) Arrange cherry blossoms and peonies in a clear glass vase: To truly embrace romantic florals, pair cherry blossom stems with pink peonies in a crystal or glass vase. If you’re coveting the look of a varied floral arrangement, add white lilies or hydrangea to stand out against the gentle pink blooms.

4) Group blueberries with fresh yellow flowers in a funky container: As the quintessential fruit of summer, blueberries look as gorgeous in an arrangement as they do sprinkled over a dish of vanilla ice cream. Arrange bold yellow tulips or sunflowers with blueberries, and use an eye-catching decorative vase to showcase your latest floral display.

5) Create a vibrant arrangement with multicoloured roses and lavender: If you’re hosting a dinner party this season, try bringing a cheery centrepiece with colourful roses to your dining table. Use pink, yellow and orange roses for a charming combination, and arrange them with white ribbon and fragrant lavender for a finishing touch.

Photo: iStock