Stylish New Shelving Ideas To Try Now

For decorating addicts who are looking to update their décor this season without splurging on new furnishings or appliances, revamping your home with brand new shelving can offer the feel of an entirely new space. Whether you want to invest in new kitchen shelves or store all your favourite tomes on a trendy bookshelf, here are our favourite shelving ideas to try this winter.

Upgrade your kitchen with sleek white open shelving: If you want to create the look of a spacious, modern kitchen, try swapping your dated wooden shelves for cool white open shelving. Open shelves also provide a flawless display to showcase your decorative ceramic dishes and kitchen trinkets.

Bring a chic circular bookshelf into your living room or home library: After all, there’s no rule which states that all bookshelves must be staid, dreary and purely rectangular creations! For anyone looking for a creative alternative to classic dark library shelves, try accessorizing your space with a funky round bookshelf. Try contrasting your dark furniture with a striking white shelf, or bringing a black circular shelf into a room with pale flooring and walls.

Introduce a pop of colour into your home office with fuchsia or aqua shelves: As the season ahead promises dark, gloomy evenings and frosty weather, try bringing an immediate burst of warmth into your space with a hint of colour. The look of shelving in playful tones of fuchsia, magenta, aqua or turquoise just may leave you dreaming of springtime. To complete the look, style your office space with a white desk lamp, quirky wall art and a patterned area rug.


Photo: dwell (@dwell) on Twitter

Decorate a neutral room with elaborate pale wooden shelving: For smaller spaces which may not require a vivid burst of colour or a large statement shape, classic wooden shelving is always a solution. To maintain an airy and light aesthetic, trade your towering dark shelves for a polished, pale wood alternative. Pale wooden shelves will instantly complement a room with cream-coloured furniture, ivory walls and gleaming hardwood floors.