Subway Tile Accents Make A Splash As An Interior Design Trend


Photo: beginninginthemiddle on Instagram 

Although your home may not be the local train station, the look of subway tile is officially making a splash in the great indoors. While these trademark tiles were once solely spotted at the subway, the familiar white rectangles are now adorning homes everywhere. From beautiful kitchen backsplashes to sleek and shiny bathrooms, here are a few winning ways to embrace this interior design trend today.

Combine subway tiles with neutral wooden and white kitchen décor: If you prefer understated accents, the look of a white kitchen backsplash can easily breathe new life to your classic space. Contrast white subway tiles with smooth wooden countertops, ivory-painted cabinets and dark hardwood flooring.


Photo: myluxurydecor on Instagram 

Turn to white subway tile walls and cobalt blue for the ultimate bathroom: Meanwhile, gleaming subway tiles can instantly awaken your bathroom and help to bring a refreshing effect to the entire area. Use a gold-framed mirror, vibrant cobalt blue cabinets and a white porcelain sink for the ultimate in elegance.


Photo: homeglamaustralia on Instagram 

Decorate with subway tiles and mint green accents: For those who crave unconventional colour, try decorating your kitchen with a subway tile backsplash and hints of mint green. This pale verdant hue can be used to paint your kitchen cabinets and shelves, while pristine white counters and black and white abstract floors complete the look.