Succulent Plants As St Patrick’s Day Decorations

Succulent Plants As St Patrick’s Day Decorations – In keeping with the green theme for your St. Patrick’s Day party, we’d provide you with some ideas for your dinner table decorations using succulent plants. However, please note that in this article about St Patrick’s Day decorations, green will be referred to as good for the environment green.

Daily we are reminded about our environment and the importance of recycling, reusing and reducing everything we use. Florists and restaurants are now getting on board with this mantra as well. Recently, various restaurants use succulent plants as table decorations on their dining room tables. Bar arrangements and front desk floral arrangements are incorporating succulents as well.

The idea of using succulent plants for table decorations is that once the flowers fade, the succulents can be re-planted and will keep growing. Also, succulents don’t use as much water and will last longer and their colors will be more vibrant.

Another fact about succulent plants is that they last a long time as long as they are in well drained soil and watered regularly. They can thrive indoors as long as they have indirect sunlight.

Here are a few ideas for table decorations for your St Patrick’s Day party. Incorporate succulent plants with cymbidium orchids in a flower arrangement as seen above. The green aspect will be the succulents and to bring a bit of color in, use a pink orchid in the arrangement for your St Patrick’s Day decorations.

Using wheat grass is another idea incorporating green table decorations at your St Patrick’s Day party. Use wheat grass on your dinner table and then place votive candles sporadically within the grass.

Be sure to place something underneath the wheat grass to keep the table dry. Also, we suggest you use tea light votive candles to ensure there is plenty of room from the flame to the top of the glass votive candle holder.

Why not add a bit of color to your wheat grass arrangement with succulent plants?  You can also use a pretty ribbon and tie clusters of succulent plants such as Echeveria and then place them on the table. Surround the Echeveria with black rocks to add texture and contrast to your St Patrick’s Day decorations.

Another idea is to place a row of simple one potted Carmen succulent plants down the center of the table for décor. Then incorporate a combination of green and white votive candles along with pillar candles. This centerpiece will bring a sophisticated look to your St Patricks Day party table decorations while keeping within the green theme.