Summer Décor Trend- Bird Feeders Are Officially Cool

Photo: bambam.bamford on Instagram 

If you grew up feeding the birds in your backyard during the summer, you’ll be pleased to know that bird feeders are now considered chic. As a rising outdoor décor trend for the warmer months of the year, bird feeders are set to decorate patios and gardens everywhere. From brightly coloured feeders to clear glass, these feeders can easily revamp the outside of your property. Take a look at these curated design ideas, and consider adding a beautiful bird feeder to your outdoor décor today.

Experiment with refurbished teacups: If you have extra cups left over from your last tea party, you’re in luck when it comes to embracing this trend. Try transforming a floral printed china cup into a makeshift DIY feeder. In a couple of simple steps, a pretty teacup can be secured to a tiny plate and then suspended from thick string.

Photo: snapdragon_jules on Instagram 

Go rustic with wood: For homeowners who prefer simplicity and classic touches, try building your own feeder with wood. Build a tiny wooden house which can host any avian guests that visit your garden, and then surround the structured birdhouse with a wooden fence and beautiful wildflowers.

Photo: kerripics90 on Instagram 

Try hanging glass and wire feeders from wood: For a structured look, create the ultimate bird feeder with a combination of sturdy and practical materials. Use wood to craft your house, and then dangle wire and glass accents from the side. These whimsical suspended feeders can then be filled with birdseeds to tempt the birds in the area, and offer them a welcoming and stylish space!