The Coolest New Mirror Trends Of 2017

Photo: andrearicardlarsson on Instagram 

If you’re wondering how to update your home without splurging on an expensive renovation, there’s luckily no need to invest in a remodelling project. As we welcome springtime temperatures, try completing your home sweet home with a beautiful mirror. While we may think of the looking glass as a convenient reflective surface which allows us to touch up our makeup, there’s far more to this accent piece. In fact, artful and intricate mirrors can immediately upgrade your space. Here are a few tips which will help you adopt the season’s mirror trend and embrace it all spring.

Go funky with unique shapes: For a creative effect which also suits your unconventional personality, consider an eccentric eye-shaped mirror. We are particularly liking this piece, which flatters this home office perfectly. Meanwhile, the look of a dark wooden desk, sleek dark chairs and an exotic brown area rug brings elegance into the space.

Photo: deanneb8 on Instagram 

Be bohemian with florals: While metallic accents are always en vogue, floral-accented mirrors pay homage to springtime weather and the season’s boho chic trend. Turn to a long rectangular mirror adorned with faux flowers, or even consider real dried roses in pink and purple tones. If you want to bedeck your bedroom or vanity, a garden themed looking glass could be the ladylike finishing touch you need.

Photo: mihaela_solga on Instagram 

Evoke sunny days with a sunburst mirror: As we prepare for picnics and garden parties, why not bring the sunny spirit of the season indoors? A hanging silver sunburst mirror easily accents a sky blue accent wall. For a trendy effect, try arranging a series of smaller sunburst mirrors around the larger and more opulent one.