The Latest Interior Design Trend Is Flamingo Décor

Photo: silvafrancianne on Instagram 

Soft pink shades inspired by the flamingo may be making their way onto the runways, but they are also enjoying a moment in the décor spotlight. For Spring/Summer 2017, the flamingo has inspired countless living rooms. If you’re wondering how to update your own interior design, look no further than the flamingo motif.

Turn to flamingo dishware at your next house party: Whether you’re hosting family or having the neighbours over, bright pink flamingo-printed dishes could be your solution. Ceramic plates adorned with a whimsical flamingo theme can be paired with white porcelain mugs, white lace napkins and pink crochet placemats. For a fun and free-spirited evening, consider having your girlfriends over for a tea party with a playful flamingo theme.

Photo: lubovya on Instagram 

Decorate with flamingo wallpaper: From your living room to kitchen, flamingo-printed walls can instantly bring a refreshing upgrade to your space. The soft pink and white tones can contrast flawlessly with red and white appliances, while black and white checkered tiles prove that opposites truly attract (at least in the world of patterns).

Photo: acolourfullife_byronbay on Instagram 

Accessorize with a decorative printed cushion: For a truly summery touch, accent your wooden hanging chair or your hammock with a flamingo pillow. Contrasted against neutral wooden accents, lush greenery and ivory walls, printed cushions can transform your front porch into a tropical retreat.