The top 4 reasons to buy a small shed

Sheds are a great addition to any home. If your family is running into storage issues, sheds provide a convenient solution. If you have a garden and you need space to store tools and equipment, sheds can come to the rescue. offers a lot of options in different materials and finishes. Not all properties have enough space for a big shed, but it’s okay because you don’t always need a big one. If you have a limited space to set up a shed, consider getting a small one instead. Here are the top 4 reasons to buy a small shed:


  • It’s more affordable

Smaller sheds are less expensive than bigger ones. They’re perfect for houses with small sized backyards looking for practical storage solutions. By getting a small shed, you are also free from securing building permits. They’re typically required for sheds that are of bigger sizes.  If you’re only getting around 4x3ft to 8x8ft of structure, you most likely don’t need permission from your local public works department.

  • It’s low maintenance

Less space to deal with equals less maintenance cost. If you’re using your shed primarily for storage purposes then there’s not much to deal with. It’s just like having an outdoor closet where you take stuff in and out occasionally. Less hassle for you! Of course it doesn’t mean you can leave it unattended especially when issues arise. As with any household item, regular maintenance is a must if you want to keep your things working for a long time. Just know that looking after a small shed won’t break you a sweat.

  • It’s equally functional

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to functionality. Just look at tiny houses that are all the rave in several countries today. If your needs can be covered with just an 8×8 square feet of a plastic shed, then why not opt for that instead? A small shed can efficiently fit in a garden mower on the floor. Shelves and hooks can also be installed to store other items like rakes and brooms. Having a shed is a great way to put all your tools in a central location for easy access. A small space prevents clutter. Ever heard of hoarding problems? Big spaces are magnets for hoarders. Having a small space forces you to eliminate things that you don’t need, keeping only the important ones. It helps a lot in purging and minimizing unnecessary stuff in your house.

  • It’s portable and mobile

Because of its size, small sheds are very easy to assemble and setup. You can also move it anywhere you want in your small yard, if you feel like it. You can grow flowers and trees around it and dress up your shed as a cute rustic garden shed. The possibilities are endless with a small shed. It lets you get creative with it because the scale is not intimidating.

There are a lot of good reasons to consider buying a small shed. It does the job perfectly fine and costs a fraction of their bigger versions.