Veronica Plant

Veronica Plant – Veronica Speedwell long-lived flowers are a perfect, easy to grow and easy to caring for flower. While there are over 500 opposite class of Veronicas that come in a accumulation of forms and sizes, a Veronica Speedwell is an appealing long-lived with prolonged tubular spikes. Veronica’s pleasing flowers come in a accumulation of colors including pinks, blues, purples and whites. They also supplement that additional something special to your garden design. If drainage is acceptable afterwards we will have no problem with Veronica – no problem to grow them, though we might good have problem in gripping them underneath control.Many are awfully invasive, like a tiny Speedwells in a lawn. The incomparable Speedwells are grown in a border, though a few of them, such as Veronica incana and Veronica teucrium, are spasmodic planted in a incomparable rockery.

Veronica peduncularis

Veronica planting tips

  •  First, select a mark in your garden that has well-drained dirt and is in full sun.
  • Dig a hole 2 times a distance of a enclosure that binds a flower. After fixation a plant in a hole, widespread dirt over it. Any garden dirt is suitable – a dirt pH can be as magnanimous as neutral, alkaline or acidic, with dampness calm from normal to utterly moist.
  • One approach to safeguard a ideal volume of H2O is by implement aeration tubes (proven to boost base expansion by provision oxygen, nutrients and H2O to plant’s base structure).
  • Propagation: Divide clumps in spring.


The simple Speedwell is Veronica prostrata – tallness 4 in, widespread 1 ½ ft, flowering duration May – July. The simple tone is blue – select from ‘Spode Blue’, ‘Kapitan’ and ‘Royal Blue’. There is also ‘Alba’ (white) and ‘Mrs Holt’ (pink).

For a non-aggressive belligerent cover choose Veronica pectinata (height 3 in, widespread 1 ft, flowering duration May – June). Blue and pinkish varieties are available.

Veronica chamaedrys

Veronica prostrata

Veronica ‘Whitewater’

Veronica ‘Mrs Holt’