Where To Put Your Indoor Pot Plants?

Where To Put Your Indoor Pot Plants? There are very few places is a home where pot plants will not grow. It must be remembered, however, that not every position will suit all plants. Indoor plants fall into three somewhat loose categories: those that have low, moderate or high light requirements. If you have identified a place in your home that you would like to liven up with plants, first assess how much ambient light there is. You can then do a little research into what plant type might best suit the desired space. Remember you can always supplement the available light with artificial light. This is especially useful in winter to keep plants healthy. Specialized grow lights are available from most large supermarkets or hardware stores.


1. Most indoor plants, even if they need bright light, do not tolerate direct sunlight, especially midday or afternoon light.

2. Flowering plants generally need more light than plants grown for their foliage.

3. Short-day plants like poinsettias and chrysanthemums have very specific light requirements if you want them to re-flower;


4. The light intensity rapidly decreases the further away you move from the source i.e. a window. For example the light 2,5m from a window is about 5 percent of that on the window sill.

5. If you have a rather dark corner that needs brightening, do not be discouraged. There are many plants that do well without much light.


6. Do not suddenly move a plant from a dull to a bright position, but gradually accustom it to stronger light.

7. In summer net curtains help to diffuse the light.