Which Lawn Mower Brand Is The Best? Several Tips To Improve Your Selection

Deciding which lawn mower brand is the best can be tricky and may raise a series of question marks. However, this decision varies from one individual to another. Before diving in and spending your money, make sure you ask yourself a few basic questions.

  1. ●        How large is your lawn?
  2. ●        Do you want a clipping collecting lawn mower?
  3. ●        Do you want a cordless, electric or petrol powered mower?
  4. ●        What kind of cut do you prefer?

Considering the Lawn Size

If you have a small lawn, you’ll realize that an electric mower is small and convenient to move around with. Maintenance is also easier. Think about the cord length though. If the lawn is too far from electricity, opt for a cordless model. A hover mower is also handy if your lawn is small.

On the other hand, a medium sized lawn has different requirements. It obviously needs power for a longer time. Unless you get a cordless unit, a petrol mower is your best choice. Sure, electric models may also run, but you risk running out of electricity in the middle of the action. The weight of the lawn mower is also an important specs to consider as mentioned in this lawn mower article by Verellenhc.

Petrol is a top choice for large lawns because it’s all about power and speed. You don’t want to waste a few days mowing the lawn just because the unit is not powerful enough or you keep running out of electricity.

Analyzing Drive Control

Drive control is available in a few different ways. It is directly responsible for your comfort, as well as maneuverability. A lever operated controlled drive is ideal if you need to move a lot. You can stop the actual system, then pivot, pull and push around the obstacles in your backyard.

On another note, other mechanisms are more reliable in wide open areas.

Researching Functionality

Functionality is based on the operating principles. Some mowers treat clippings. You can literally mulch for a whole day and the mower will get rid of the extras when the operation is done. Such remains can also be collected in bags.

While many mowers come with a couple of functions only, specialists recommend going for at least three.

Checking Small Features

Small features are quite diversified. Air filters represent a main necessity. They trap dirt and dust, but they also help in those days when you do plenty of mulching.

The blade brake clutch in a lawn mower allows you to keep the machine running while doing something else. Such a feature is excellent if you bend every few minutes to collect leaves.

The washout fitting is also handy. The nozzle allows connecting a hose to the top and the mower. Simply put, whether it comes to your driveway or the backyard, you can get rid of remains while cleaning at the same time.

Front caster wheels are not to be overlooked either in terms of performance and maneuverability. They work on the cutting height too – not the best improvement in the world. When you lift or move the machine, both front wheels must individually adjusted.


Bottom line, the best brand depends on more factors but most importantly, your personal needs. Make sure the model you choose is large enough to handle your lawn, but it also features the optimal bells and whistles for a convenient experience.