4 Benefits of Concrete Driveways Over Asphalt

Concrete driveways cost rather some-more than pavement driveways. However, there are a series of advantages to carrying a petrify drive over an pavement one. Here are 4 advantages of concrete driveways over asphalt.

Lower Lifetime Cost

Concrete driveways last, on average, scarcely twice as prolonged as an pavement driveway. So, while it is cheaper to put in an pavement drive today, you’ll expected be doing it again in 12 to 15 years compared to a 27 to 30 years for putting in a petrify driveway. Depending on how good we say it, it could even final fifty years, such as when we have it hermetic each year or two. You can revisit https://porch.com/project-cost/concrete-driveway to guess a cost of installing a petrify driveway.

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Reduced Maintenance

Maintaining a petrify drive is simple. It customarily needs to be hosed down once in a while. You can select to have it sealed, and this is a good investment given it protects a petrify from a elements. But we don’t have to do this each year, and if we don’t do it during all, a petrify drive will still final longer than one done from asphalt.

Another advantage of petrify driveways is that it isn’t going to reduce on bearing to several petroleum products. You don’t have to purify adult spills of engine oil and gasoline before it indemnification a pavement driveway. There’s no such problem when we change a oil on your petrify driveway. This is aside from a fact that you’ll never have to worry about a pavement removing so prohibited that it becomes sticky, potentially deleterious your tires or shoes, or only withdrawal nasty black streaks as we lift into a garage on a prohibited summer day.


If we wish a petrify drive to demeanour like one done from paver stones, it can be hammered with imprints to give it accurately that look. If we like a demeanour of a stone driveway, we could have a covering of pebbles embedded in a petrify while still carrying a some-more durable aspect than asphalt, all while meaningful you’ll never finish adult with a murky disaster sand driveways can spin into. You could have colorants churned into a petrify so that it resembles a dirt or reflects your artistic tastes.

It Handles a Heavy Loads

This is one reason because highways are done from petrify and not asphalt. An pavement drive is disposed to being henceforth misshapen when we park complicated vehicles on them. Even a bike or motorcycle kickstand could score a surface. Dolly wheels for trailers have to be put on pads to forestall indentations on a aspect if we have an pavement driveway.

Concrete driveways don’t have this issue. Likewise, a petrify drive won’t get scuffed if someone with energy steering is branch a tires while a car is stationary. Compare this to a warnings that we shouldn’t let a bike kickstand rest on a pavement early in the life if we don’t wish it to show.


Concrete driveways have a reduce lifetime cost compared to pavement driveways. Concrete driveways need reduction maintenanceand are utterly versatile, so we can have them demeanour like roughly any form of material.