Solomon’s Seal: Planting And Care

Solomon’s Seal: Planting And Care – Solomon’s sign (Polygonatum) is a shade-loving plant that will flower in a shade of trees and shrubs in a churned limit or in a semi-wild garden. The oval leaves grip a bend stems, providing a seemly and musical outcome even before a bell-like flowers seem in early summer. The green-tipped white blooms are about 1 in. prolonged – tiny hanging clusters backing a top partial of a stems. The flowering stems are renouned with flower arrangers for indoor decoration.

Add compost or peat to a dirt during planting time, mulch in spring, H2O during dry spells and cut down a stems in fall. When Solomon’s sign flourishing tighten to other plants, lift and order each 3 years.

Watch for sawfly caterpillars in summer – if left violent they can skeletonize a leaflet in a few days.

Varieties: The one listed in a catalogues is P. hybridum, customarily described as P. multiflorum – tallness 2-8 ft, spacing 2 ft, flowering duration May – June. For something opposite try P. japonicum ‘Variegatum’ (2 ft) that bears immature and white striped leaves.

Site and soil: Any reasonable garden dirt will do – Solomon’s sign thrives best in shade.

Propagation: Divide clumps in tumble or spring.