5 Easy Ways To Transition Your Home Décor Into Spring

With the cheerful blue skies and gentle sunlight of Spring 2016 around the corner, it’s time to officially upgrade your home décor from wintertime neutrals to punchy pastel hues. Although your wardrobe is certainly crying for an update after months of cold weather style, your home décor also deserves a spring makeover. Whether you’re coveting floral accents or a sweet colour scheme, here are five easy ways to bring your humble home into the season ahead.

1) Refresh your space with ivory walls and fresh tulips in a vase: For a touch of sophistication, try repainting your walls with a coat of fresh ivory paint to offer a luminous, revitalizing effect. If you’re itching to bring the beauty of springtime into the great indoors, bring your dull wooden table to life with a bouquet of fresh pink tulips in an ornate crystal vase.


Photo: pinklounge on Instagram 

2) Decorate your living room with a soft pink accent wall, funky shelving and yellow accessories: There’s nothing quite like an eye-catching accent wall in a shade of candy pink to usher confectionary hues into your own space. To create a striking aesthetic against the pretty pink statement wall, adorn your living room with modern wooden shelves. Meanwhile, the look of sunny yellow accent pillows, knick-knacks and fresh flowers can contrast against the vivid shade of your newly painted wall.


Photo: forget_menot_ on Instagram 

3) Use a calming dove grey and forest green colour palette for a natural touch: Shades of light, natural grey can bring the look of subdued simplicity into your home, without the need for neon bright hues. Decorate your room with a dove grey sofa, off-white drapes and a soft grey area rug. For a cool springlike contrast, turn to fresh green plants and accent pillows and throw blankets in shades of forest green.


Photo: jodiesdesignlife on Instagram

4) Accessorize with elegant off-white couches and decorative printed pillows: This spring, try using bold patterned pillows to transform your sleek white furniture into a stylish home décor statement. Use floral printed cushions in playful shades of navy blue, pink and white to instantly refresh a cream-coloured sofa.


Photo: interiorloveefest on Instagram

5) Adorn your space with a sleek pale pink sofa and contrasting pastel accents: For a sassy and rainbow-toned approach to spring decorating, try embracing an array of vibrant shades in your living room. A modern blush pink sofa is a winning combination with yellow accent pillows, funky modern seating and a pastel-coloured checkered area rug. To tone down the multicoloured décor, use soft copper lighting and white walls for a balanced effect.