Milk Glass Is The Dainty New Décor Trend To Try Now

Although you may have already refreshed your space with ceramic wares and porcelain vases, it looks like milk glass just may be the new must-have material to adorn your space with. As we prepare for spring decorating trends, the sweet and simple look of this textured white glass can bring a refreshing new element to your home. Here are a few days to incorporate milk glass into your interior design statement for the season ahead.

Accessorize your mantelpiece with a series of milk glass vases: You may have decorated your mantelpiece with an assortment of knick-knacks and baubles during the holiday season, but milk glass can instantly create a springtime vibe. Use an array of tiny milk glass vases contrasted against brilliant red, yellow and white blossoms. Meanwhile, lush green wreaths and exposed brick walls can bring the spirit of the outdoors into your living room.


Photo: heatherjonescase on Instagram

Use milk glass containers to contrast with a sleek white kitchen and stainless steel appliances: If your kitchen is currently a neutral oasis, try incorporating milk glass into the area to further enhance the look of white and stainless steel décor. Stark ivory walls, gleaming appliances and a touch of pale Tiffany blue can elevate the subtle yet sophisticated look of milk glass to an entirely new level.


Photo: all_honeydesign on Instagram

Place delicate white blooms in an oversized vase: If you prefer simplicity to outrageous home accents, then there’s nothing quite like milky white glass to complete your home décor this season. To truly showcase an ornate milk glass vase, try arranging an ethereal bouquet of greenery and white blossoms. Meanwhile, a slick leather sofa, grey accent pillows and a white throw blanket can wrap up your décor in true style.

Use white milk glass cups to store your jewellery: For a break from the classic jewellery box, try a creative take on the milk glass trend by using smaller cups to store your precious bling. If you’re looking for a new home for your strands of pearls and cocktail rings, organize a series of milk glass cups on a dark wooden vanity. This way, you can ensure that your favourite gems will never leave your sight (while also decorating with this polished and pristine new trend).