5 Garden projects to take on this summer

Summer is the best time to discover garden projects that you can try out by yourself or with family members. By trying out garden DIY projects, you get to bond with family, the same way you would while taking a holiday. Just in case you have no idea, which projects to take on, here are 5 Garden projects you can try out this summer.

  1. Plant vegetables

Vegetables especially Kales and Spinach tend to do well over summer. That’s why you should try planting them. Other than the fact that they do well over summer, vegetables are also easy to plant and take a short time to mature. Besides, they can help you cut down on your grocery shopping all through summer. You also get to avoid eating commercially grown vegetables. We all know that nothing beats fresh foods, that you have planted yourself, and nourished using organic fertilizers.

  1. Grow flowers

Flowers have a way of adding beauty to your home. There are different types of flowers that you can plant over summer. You can choose to go for edible ones such as marigolds. Alternatively, you can go for those that offer aesthetics and add beauty to your home. The best thing about growing flowers is that you can always sell them to your friends and neighbors and make some money off it. This can be a great way to instill some entrepreneurial skills in your kids, by having them help you plant the flowers, then sell them.

  1. Plant some herbs

One of the best garden projects that you can undertake over summer is to plant herbs.  There are three main reasons why planting herbs is a great garden idea over summer. The first one is for food. There are many herbs out there that make for great additives to your food. Secondly, you can use herbs as aesthetics, just like you would do with flowers. Thirdly, you can sell them to your neighbors, friends, and family for them to use as spices, among other uses.

  1. Plant aromatic plants

Air freshener may not be the most expensive things in your house, but it wouldn’t hurt if you can create your own. This is one of the fun projects you can try out in summer. You can create your own air freshener by planting aromatic plants in your home garden. This is not only a fun activity, but also gives you the benefit of using a chemical free air freshener. Not that the air fresheners sold in stores are bad, but it’s always better and healthier to go for a natural option.


  1. Learn how to use different gardening tools

There are numerous gardening tools out there that you probably have no idea how to use.  Why not take some time this summer to learn all about them? If you can learn how to correctly use at least 5 essential garden tools, you can save money, money that would, otherwise, spend hiring someone to do the gardening for you. Besides, learning about gardening tools can reduce chances of buying the wrong ones, or overpriced ones, later along when you need them.