Venidium Plant

Venidium plant (Monarch of a Veldt, Cape Daisy) is in a aster family and it positively deserves to be improved known. The sunflower-like blooms are 4 in opposite and they are utterly particular – during a bottom of any middle petal is a purple-black blotch, providing a rayed outcome around a edge of a distinguished black disc. The blooms on their prolonged stems make glorious cut flowers. Mix Cape Daisy flowers into a limit or plant around a unfeeling garden, as they are really appealing to profitable insects and pollinators.

Venidium Fastuosum

Varieties of Venidium

Venidium fastuosum grows about 2 ft high. The deeply-lobed leaflet is dulcet and a flowers are orange. The stems customarily need staking. ‘Dwarf Hybrids’ need no support – a plants do not surpass 1 ft and a flower colors operation from dark cream to low orange. A good choice for tubs in a balmy situation.

Site and soil

Venidium plants like Cape Daisies are flattering easy plants to demeanour after, H2O sparingly as they cite a dry soil, interest incomparable varieties. Thrives in light, well-drained dirt – full object is essential.

Venidium plant details

Unless we live in a comfortable area it is best to grow Venidium plants indoors. Height 1 or 2 ft. Spacing 1 ft. Flowering duration Jun – October.

Alternatively boar seeds outdoor in May.