5 Tips to Choosing a Backpack Sprayer

Despite being a full-time professional, gardening is one of the most popular hobbies around. And so to speak, backpack sprayers come in handy for gardening tasks such as applying fertilizer, weeding, and applying pesticides, among others. However, selecting a good backpack sprayer can prove to be a daunting task without the knowledge on how to pick one. This is especially because they come in many different types, sizes, designs, and modes of operation. As a matter of fact, some are designed for specific use, not forgetting that backpack sprayers vary depending on what they’re made of. To avoid spilling the juice, with most of the bias on things to consider, here are 5 tips to choosing a backpack sprayer for your gardening tasks.

  1. Power – Manual vs Motorized

Backpack sprayers require pumping to produce some form of pressure that ejects the substance you’re spraying from off of the nozzle. This pressure can be achieved by pumping the equipment manually or through a motorized pumping mechanism. This having been said, there are two main types of backpack sprayers, these being the manual and the motorized sprayers. Although they’re relatively more expensive, motorized sprayers are easier to use and more convenient when dealing with a large area. Most of them are battery-operated, which means they require recharging before or after every use. they also tend to require more maintenance compared to their cheaper manual alternatives that can be ideal for spraying smaller areas.

  1. Pump Type

Based on the pump type, there are two main options available, which are:

Piston pump sprayer

Diaphragm pump sprayer

Piston pump sprayers tend to be relatively cheaper than their diaphragm pump counterparts but tend to be less durable when used with dry herbicide formulations. Diaphragm pump sprayers tend to be a favorite for most consumers, owing to their increased durability and easier maintenance/repair.

  1. Safety and Comfort  

Safety and comfort are among the other things that make the best backpack sprayer. It is important to consider the safety and comfort features in a backpack sprayer before choosing one. For instance, some of the best sprayers come with a full-size handle, a gentle spray wand grip, and well-padded straps to increase comfort, reduce user fatigue and reduce the user’s risk of exposure to the chemical formulations. Most of them also feature an adjustable harness and a contoured tank. It’s also important to consider picking one whose tank is made from high-density polyethylene to ensure UV protection. Be sure to pick a backpack sprayer that will guarantee your safety and comfort.

  1. Durability, Maintenance, And Repair

As might have been hinted out earlier, it is important to pick a backpack sprayer that is easy to use, maintain and repair. Also, it is important to choose a product that is well reputed for durability in addition to quality performance.

  1. Chemical-Rating

Some herbicides and other gardening chemicals can be highly corrosive. This makes it important to pick a sprayer that is specifically designed to withstand the effects of the chemicals you intend to use. Also, remember to ask whether the unit’s hoses, seals, and other accessories are herbicide-rated if you’re going to use it for spraying herbicides.  

In a nutshell, safety, comfort, performance, and durability are among the most important things to consider when choosing a good backpack sprayer. With the above tips, you can comfortably approach your backpack sprayer purchase with confidence. You can keep your garden healthy and glowing all year round.