Aglaonemas: Popular House Plants

Aglaonemas: Popular House Plants – Large, spear-shaped leaves on brief stems are a musical underline of Aglaonema, the Chinese evergreen. Its virtue, according to a textbooks, is an ability to flower in poorly-lit conditions, though this is usually loyal of a all-green varieties. The ones with white or yellow multi-coloured leaflet need brighter conditions.

According to some European authorities a shade toleration of this slow-growing plant is a only trait — it has even been described as being distant too formidable for flourishing in a home. In a United States, however, Aglaonema is regarded as one of a many passive and arguable of residence plants.

The best recommendation is to provide it as a tolerably easy plant with a few special needs. Grow it in a shoal pot and keep it good divided from draughts and hazed air. In winter it requires comfortable and wet air. Mist leaves regularly, though never use a counterfeit spray. Surround pot with damp peat. Aglaonema is a slow-growing plant that requires visit feeding and sparse repotting. Young specimens are probably stemless, though comparison ones have a brief case that is scarred with aged root bases.

Aglaonema needs repotting in open each 3 years. In open or summer pot adult fundamental shoots with a few leaves and roots attached. Air layering is an alternative.

Types of Aglaonema

The Aglaonemas are renouned residence plants. The Arum-like flowers that seem in summer are not quite showy, so they are grown essentially for their vast and colorful foliage. Aglaonemas endure some shade, though near-white varieties need a well-lit situation. The baby of a organisation is Aglaonema pictum (6 in. speckled and fluffy leaves) — a hulk is A. nitidum (18 in. plain immature leaves). The common plain immature class is A. modestum, though it is a multi-coloured forms that are generally chosen. A. commutatum has china bands — A. pseudobracteatum (Golden Evergreen) is blotched with yellow, cream and dark green. A. coommutatum ‘Silver Spear’ is an appealing variety, though maybe a best of all a Aglaonemas are a variety Aglaonema ‘Silver Queen’ and Aglaonema ‘Silver King’ with leaflet that is roughly wholly silvery-grey.

Aglaonema commutatum

Special problems of Aglaonemas

– leaves shrivelled since of too dry air;

– leaves twisted with brownish-red edges since of too cold atmosphere or cold draughts;

– insects – mealy bugs during a bottom of a root stalks can be a critical problem – so can red spider mite if a light is too bright.