Accessorize Your Home With Cool Vintage Textiles

Photo: oculus_gallery on Instagram 

Whether you’re obsessed with textiles already or simply looking for a new way to redecorate your home, look no further than the rising trend of vintage textiles for the home. With their colourful tones and eye-catching patterns, vintage inspired textiles can easily set the stage for a beautiful space. We’ve curated a few Instagram looks to help you master this rising exotic décor trend.

Printed tablecloths: Even if you’re entertaining guests in your urban apartment, you can always add a gorgeous pattern to truly steal the spotlight. We are liking the look of this red, black and blue printed tablecloth, which brings an exotic vibe to this metallic dining room. To truly enhance the colour palette, turn to bright green curtains, a dangling crystal chandelier and cool printed wallpaper.

Photo: biancawickers on Instagram 

Colourful pillows: For those who want to take baby steps into this interior design trend, look no further than the look of colourful pillows. With their shades of pink, white and baby blue, textile patterned cushions can easily brighten up your living room.

Photo: theketlihome on Instagram 

Ethnic printed throw blanket: Try instantly warming up your space with a beautiful exotic throw blanket. Tones of rich red and yellow can bring a throw blanket or shawl to life, and can illuminate a neutral sofa. If your living room is desperately in need of colour, this just may be your decorating solution.