Faux Fur Décor Stuns For Fall 2017

For anyone wondering how to integrate faux fur into their usual interior design scheme, this luxurious fabric can easily transform your humble home into a gorgeous haven. With the temperatures dropping and the winds picking up, there’s nothing quite like fluffy furs to keep you warm and cozy. Try drawing your design cues from these faux fur looks, as spotted on Instagram.

Photo: zulily on Instagram 

Brown and white fur: Decorate your living room with brown and white fur for a hint of neutral texture. We are liking the idea of a luxurious brown fur blanket, layered over a white sofa and styled with a matching pillow. Meanwhile, a glittery gold pillow and a shaggy area rug can bring the entire room together.

Photo: shop.aireka on Instagram 

Shaggy throw blanket: For those who are wondering how to add comfort and warmth to their bedroom, a shaggy throw blanket can complete your décor. A brown furry throw can further enhance your space, and also contribute to a beautiful and luxurious setting.

Photo: falconcresthomes on Instagram 

Statement pillows: Nothing looks quite as sophisticated as a furry statement pillow, particularly one adorned with beige fur. Try contrasting the pillows with gold cushions and white bedsheets, to fully emphasize the fur and bring the overall space to life.