Add Gingham Home Décor To Your Space For Summer 2015

While it may seem like a fabric which is a cottage essential, gingham has made its way into chic urban spaces for Summer 2015. With its cheerful checkered pattern and rustic charm, it’s easy enough to overdo the look of gingham as you go about your spring home makeover. Luckily, here are a few helpful tips to embrace the décor trend in style this season.

1) Use gingham in softer pastel hues for a smaller space: To avoid overwhelming an apartment or a small room, stick to softer gingham patterns in shades of pale yellow, pastel blue or lavender. A gingham check with a mix of understated colour and basic white adds a quick update to an unadorned, dull room. While bright red gingham may be a loud décor statement for a cramped space, gingham accents in lighter colours can be quite chic.

2) Add gingham accent pillows to a neutral sofa: If a gingham patterned couch is too much of the pattern at once for your home, try a few accent pillows in the vibrant checkered print instead. Update a beige, creamy white or grey sofa with a few strategic throw pillows with a fresh gingham pattern.

3) Try a light-coloured gingham accent wall for a statement look: To add visual interest and detail to an uninspiring space, add a gingham accent wall to brighten your bedroom or living room. Paired with light wooden furnishings, white table lamps and a neutral area rug, a patterned wall can transform your space.

4) Place a black and white gingham tablecloth on a plain wooden table: If you’re tired of an everyday kitchen table, add a striking black and white gingham tablecloth to accessorize the wooden surface. Contrast the black squares with white ceramic plates and white candles for the best of both country style and urban décor.


Photo: Linens Limited ‏@linenslimited on Twitter

5) Accessorize white windows with blue gingham curtains: The look of pale blue gingham curtains is a natural choice with painted white windows. Try adding these quaint drapes to a living room or kitchen window for a comforting touch at home.