Decorate Your Home Office With These Tips

From wall art to trendy desk lamps and hanging shelves, here are a few décor ideas to transform a cramped and cluttered home office into the executive suite of your dreams. The ideal work space can be anything from a simple desk to a professional home office. Regardless of the size, a office space ought to provide the right combination of comfort, efficiency and inspiration. Here is a list of ten tips to help make your office look its best:

1) Key pieces like floating shelves can quickly transform a quiet space into an efficient work area.

2) Try mixing a variety of different sized pieces of art for your office walls. Create a pleasing frame display.

3) Stick to a simple colour scheme while creating a space that reflects your personality. Look at blues and neutrals for a calming environment, while yellows and reds warm up the room.

4) Decorate your desk with some flowers or statement paper weights.

5) Organize your belongings with a mixture of large and small size desk organizers or cups, a combination of easy access hidden and open storage.

6) Store larger items in baskets or on shelves, and smaller items can be stored in glass canisters on the desk or on the shelves. Vertical storage is a chic way to organize an office.

7) The right lighting makes all the difference in an office space. The right combination of natural light and task lighting will work best for a well lit work space. Choose layered window treatments for flexibility to filter light throughout the day.

8) Add a statement table lamp to illuminate your work area. A standout chandelier or floor lamp will also do the trick.

9) Look for functional items like pin boards and cork-boards that can act as both a decorative display and be used in the office.

10) Showcase your personality by surrounding yourself with accessories and décor you love.