Adding Texture To Your Kitchen: Decor Tips

Kitchens usually have a monochromatic colour palette, so texture is sure to add dimension and visual interest. Textures look great when they are mixed and matched with opposites such as wooden tables on top of sleek floors, or sleek tables topped with straw place mats and bamboo plants. From flooring to back-splash including decorative items, the possibilities for decorating your kitchen with texture are endless. Doing this will add an interesting and unique ambiance to the kitchen and maintains a chic and modern look. Here are a few ways to be creative with texture in your kitchen:

Keep your kitchen back-splash interesting and unique with “penny tiles.” This distinctive pattern not only makes for an easy cleanup but is visually appealing and looks quite fascinating. It also makes a great contrast against your kitchen walls and there are a wide variety of colours and patterns to choose from. You can keep it classy with white penny tiles paired with blonde cabinets. You can also choose an interesting colour palette of pennies that goes best with your kitchen cupboards.

If you’re not a fan of penny tiles, go for a brick back-splash. It’s very modern and tasteful and can look nicely within an appropriate colour pallet.

penny-tileIt’s Great To Be Home Flickr


For your kitchen table, add texture by placing a bamboo plants as the centerpiece. They are eco-friendly and look gorgeous as a centerpiece. Use straw place mats and uniquely designed coasters for style. Match your stove place mats to your table place mats, keeping the straw theme.



For your kitchen counter, place your condiments in a woven basket and add bright plants in not so average pots. Buy some unusually shaped and pretty glass bowls and decorative items and display them in an interesting way. Feel free to place your fruits in a round, woven basket as well!



For your walls, add some pretty art framed in wooden frames. For the floor, add an area rug that contrasts with the rest of the kitchen design.