Use Baskets To Decorate Your Home With These Smart Tips

Baskets are the most useful tools in your home. They can store just about anything and it’s an easy way to add texture to your home. Most baskets are often made with plant materials, woven from grasses. They come in multiple shapes and varieties and are perfect when it comes to organizing! Here are a few smart ways to use baskets in each room of your home.

Mudroom: Store flip flops, shoes and leashes in woven baskets. Assign one basket to each family member so things stay sorted and organized.

Reading nooks: Place your favourite books or magazines in baskets for easy access. Keep the baskets on your side table or on your side table.

Playroom: This is the perfect room for baskets! Store toys, games and books in different colourful boxes for a more aesthetically pleasing look to the room.

Bathroom: Add a variety of dark woven baskets to add contrast to neutral shelving and walls. Place your everyday necessities in these baskets for easy storage.

Home office: Place your files, supplies and materials in baskets. Buy them in a variety of sizes, perfect for each item.

Bedroom: Store linens in woven baskets and hide them under the bed. You can also place your makeup in flat baskets for ultimate organization.

Kitchen: Place fruits, spices, napkins, paper plates or virtually anything in a  collection of baskets.