Adorable Easter Decorating Ideas To Bring Spring Home

As pastel hues make their way into your humble home and the arrival of the Easter bunny brings thoughts of tempting chocolate to mind, it’s officially time to revamp your décor for the season. The grand entrance of Spring 2016 means that ladylike candy colours, playful bunnies and gentle blossoms are once again making their way into the home. With the Easter long weekend upon us, use these easy decorating ideas to bring seasonal charm and whimsy into your space now.

Refresh a pristine white mantelpiece with sweet ceramic accents: For décor which will infuse your home with Easter cheer without cramping your chic style, use a white mantel to breathe springtime air into your living room. Try beautifying your minimalistic mantelpiece with a dainty wreath of artificial and painted eggs. Meanwhile, white porcelain jars, bunny accents and miniature pots add a cool finishing touch.


Photo: table2impress on Instagram 

Adorn your dining table with delicate pink and blue cloth napkins and multicoloured blooms: If you’re hosting family for Easter dinner, bring back the colourful memories of your childhood with pretty powder blue and light pink napkins. For a truly festive spread, decorate your table with white ceramic plates, contrasting blush pink glasses and fresh flowers. An array of tulips, lilies or roses in every shade of the rainbow just may offer you a touch of spring beauty.


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Create a breathtaking Easter wreath with plastic bunnies and rainbow-hued eggs: To welcome your weekend guests as soon as they arrive at your doorstep, adorn your front door with a homemade Easter wreath. Try channelling the spirit of the holiday with sprigs of yellow and white florals, fresh greenery and rustic wooden branches. Enhance the innocent design of your wreath with ornamental bunnies, brightly coloured plastic eggs and a woven bow.

easter blooms

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Arrange pastel-coloured eggs and pink flowers in a glass vase: Whether your coffee table or dining room table needs a burst of colour, decorate in true seasonal form by crafting a flawless centrepiece. Fill a clear glass or crystal vase with tiny decorative or candy eggs in shades of pale pastel yellow, pink and blue. Next, use a bouquet of fresh pink lilies, along with large glitter-painted eggs and green confetti grass for the ultimate Easter decorating statement.