Revamp Your Workspace With These Chic Desktop Decorating Tips

For decorating enthusiasts who are looking to inject a hint of whimsy into their desktop, the perfect accessories can allow you to perfect your workspace. Whether you’re working out of your chic and cheerful home office or your work area is a cubicle in the corporate world, decorating in style can set the mood for a productive and professional week. Here are a few effective, easy and stylish ideas to help you master your workspace like a boss (even if you aren’t one quite yet!)

1) Create your own mini whiteboard: For sticky-note users, jot down your notes on a mini desktop whiteboard to keep your thoughts and workspace organized. This is a great solution for those who may not have a board to pin their notes to and can also help keep the paper waste at a minimum. Whether you use an old frame lying around or a new one with gold metallic accents, it’s easy to create this whiteboard. All you need to do is remove the glass from the frame and cover the backing of the frame with a sticky white board decal before inserting it into the frame.  This way, you can easily jot down notes with this handy tool while bringing some style to your workspace.

2) Layer your keyboard over a small rug or a placemat: Keep your palms cozy and comfortable as you type throughout the day by placing a mini rug or a placemat underneath your keyboard. Not only will this help secure your keyboard from moving but it will also work to brighten up a dull office space. Grab a sample of your favourite rug or use a woven placemat with a classic pattern such as a polka dot or a stripe or a simple lattice pattern for an elegant touch.

3) Use a tray to house your office supplies: If your desk is lacking drawers or some storage space, keep your notebook and whole puncher in a tray to keep your desk looking neat at all times. Try a silver squared-tray for a touch of metallic to elevate your workspace. However, if your cubicle desk doesn’t provide enough counter space, simply use a single utensil tray to fit right in between your computer screen and keyboard for easy access to those mini office essentials, such as tape, stapler, pens and pins. This will also help clear some desk space for those who have tight quarters to work with.

4) Store your pens in a glass container: Take a rectangular glass container and fill it halfway with shells or pebbles. Then stick your pens and scissors in to keep them in place. This adds a charming touch to a simple classic office organizer.