Adorn Your Space With Beautiful Decorative Flowers

Bring the natural beauty of the outdoors in with fresh flowers and lush floral arrangements to breathe some life back into your home for winter. For décor lovers looking for new ways to incorporate florals into their décor scheme for the season, here are a few simple ideas that will brighten up any living space. Whether your kitchen is craving a hint of colour or are looking to spruce up your fireplace to give it an airier feel, cheer up your home with rich and elegant floral accents for a minimal style that provides a high impact to any room.


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1) Hanging Flower Pots: Refresh your kitchen with some vibrant greeneries and colourful pops of florals to contrast modern cabinetries and stainless steel appliances for a cozier feel.  If your white kitchen walls are looking a bit barren, try adding some colour with yellow tulips. A great way to display your fresh décor is by placing them in flower pots and hanging them on wooden shelves.

2) Floral Crate Boxes: Create a homier feel by decorating your fireplace with floral crate boxes. The mix of the delicate petals with the rich wooden grain adds a charming appeal that will update any fireplace. For an elegant touch, paint the crate box a snowy white and arrange lavender hydrangeas in the box to inject some colour and vibrancy to the living space. Complete the arrangement with short birch logs interspersed with the flowers.


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3) Floral Desktop Accessories: Pink peonies can instantly wake up a workspace. If your home office is craving some colour, simply arrange coral peonies in a few short glass vases and place them by your desk for a refreshing scent that will brighten up a dull, neutral space.

floral decor

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4) DIY Floral Wreath: Decorate your front door with a DIY floral wreath to greet your guests into your home. To capture the winter essence, use red roses mixed with pine cones and wrap it around a green styrofoam ring to create the wreath. Top it off with a bright red ribbon tied at the bottom for a simple solution to update a plain entryway.