Accessorize Your Dining Room With These Chic Décor Tips

While you may have perfected your bedroom décor and fully revamped your living room in anticipation of winter, the dining room is also a focal point of interior design which can truly set the mood of your home. If your dining room area is currently a dusty and dated sight, here are a few simplistic ways to instantly upgrade your décor for Winter 2016.

Use vibrant silk curtains to inject a pop of colour into your space: Although your family’s traditional dining room may have been a dreary expanse of beige and grey tones, the new generation of dining rooms is unafraid to experiment with colour. If you’re not ready to take the plunge into a neon-hued room, try covering your windows with silky curtains in shades of violet, tangerine or fuchsia.

Introduce a sleek glass table and contrasting patterned chairs: For a modernized effect, try accessorizing your space with a chic glass top dining table as opposed to a traditional wooden alternative. The look of upholstered seating in bright colours contrasts flawlessly with the glass table, and brings a sophisticated edge to the room.

Update your plain walls with printed wallpaper: If you’re tired of staring at unadorned walls during family dinners, turn to funky, eye-catching wallpaper for a cool spin on classic neutral paint. Whether you prefer dainty floral prints or dark swirls of abstract patterns, playful wallpaper helps to take the solemnity out of your dining room décor and add a cool finish.

Decorate the room with an ornate chandelier and a bouquet of fresh blooms: For traditionalists who prefer graceful accents at home, try bringing a polished vibe to your dining room with an intricate crystal or metallic chandelier. Meanwhile, completing your table setting with tulips or daisies in a decorative glass vase can bring the spirit of a spring garden to your tabletop.