Amazing Décor Wedding Gift Ideas Under $200

If you know a happy couple who is set to tie the knot this August, you may be scrambling for the perfect wedding present to complete their special day. While cold hard cash is always appreciated, a thoughtful home décor gift can help the newlyweds in your life update their space in style. From a budget-friendly accent cushion to a set of twin champagne flutes, here are our top five wedding gift buys.


1) Cathy’s Concepts ‘Happily Ever After’ Accent Pillow, $64: Since the newlyweds are sure to walk away from their nuptials with an armful of décor accents and wineglasses, a comfy statement pillow is a unique spin on gift ideas. The bold red lettering on this white pillow is a sweet message- plus, there’s a chance the couple will want to rest after a hectic big day!


2) Michael Aram ‘Black Orchid’ Frame, $67: This textured silver frame is created by Rhode Island metalware and jewellery designer Michael Aram. The bold orchid accent and gleaming metallic colour adds shine and sparkle to the design.


3) Giftology Sugar Bud Vase, $85: For the décor-obsessed bride and groom, this delicate crystal bud vase can add new life to any coffee table. The intricate detail gives it an eye-catching look, while the pretty pink gift box adds a finishing touch.


4) Vera Wang Wedgwood Infinity Collection 5 Piece Place Setting, $155: With the new couple starting a life together, endless dinner parties and family meals are probably in their immediate future. If you want to save them from the trouble of hunting for their own dinnerware, elegant bone china place settings are a great start. These classic white dishes are decorated with silver braided detail for a timeless touch.

Champagne Flutes

5) Waterford Wedding Vows Flute, Set of 2, $184: With champagne flutes being a go-to option for wedding gifting, these delicate crystal stem glasses are perfect for the occasion. After all, there’s anything like a walk up the aisle to put a lovestruck couple in the mood for a special toast. Meanwhile, the ring pattern on the side of each flute will always be a reminder of their wedding day.