Easy Backyard Party Décor Ideas

With sunshine-filled weekends and balmy temperatures upon us, the weeks ahead are set to be filled with patio fiestas and barbeques. If you’re hosting a backyard party, you’re probably in the process of scrubbing your charcoal grill, stocking up on appetizers and ensuring your outdoor space is free of any pesky weeds. Here are our best backyard party decorating ideas for fuss-free and classy summertime entertaining.

1) Bring colour to your backyard with hanging vases filled with vibrant blooms: To instantly offer a welcoming vibe, decorate your backyard with delicate hanging vases and colourful blossoms. Look for glass vases to suspend from tree branches or a backyard fence, and fill them with eye-catching yellow tulips or sweet pink roses.

2) Create a statement centrepiece for your picnic or patio table: If you’re dining in the great outdoors, you may as well dine in style! Craft a unique centrepiece for your backyard table with rustic wooden branches, mixed florals, decorative grass and contrasting white ribbon. Not only will you capture the outdoorsy feel, your backyard décor will also be photo-ready for an unforgettable summer celebration.

3) Use glow-in-the-dark décor for a luminous effect: Traditionally reserved for childhood birthday parties, glowsticks can quite literally light up any outdoor bash this season! Add glowsticks to table centrepieces, or carefully place these neon sticks inside helium balloons if you’re aiming for youthful décor. Adventurous hosts can also use a coat of funky glow-in-the-dark paint to illuminate those plain patio chairs, planters or vases.

4) Craft rustic candle holders out of empty wine bottles: If you have a few empty wine bottles in your basement (and if you’ve been partying it in style this summer, you probably will), try transforming these into candle holders. Use the washed and cleaned bottles as makeshift candle holders, to bring a soft, ethereal glow and DIY décor to your party.

5) Decorate paper lanterns with tissue paper: You can easily add an exotic feel to even the most unadorned backyard with decorated paper lanterns. Buy paper lanterns from a party supply store, and add your own touches with tissue paper in shades of pastel blue, pink or orange. Martha Stewart suggests using pre-cut circles of tissue paper and double-sided tape for easy decorating.