Amazing Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas For Your Home

Although the main focus of your kitchen may be the sleek, shining appliances and the freshly painted walls, there’s nothing quite like flawless cabinetry to complete the look of your space. Whether your humble abode is a stylish condo or an expertly furnished townhouse, try bringing chic cabinets into your kitchen now. For the season ahead, follow these inspiring décor ideas to create the ultimate kitchen cabinet statement at home.

Contrast dark wooden cabinets with white barstools: If you prefer demure and refined accents, stick to classic polished wooden cabinets in dark tones. To contrast the understated, moody elements of mahogany cabinetry, include funky barstools in a cool shade of ivory. Meanwhile, contrasting olive green chairs, dark hardwood floors and a gleaming silver fridge help to wrap up the design.


Photo: altokitchens_ct on Instagram 

Turn to off-white hues and rustic accents for simplicity: With summertime spirit in the air, try refreshing your kitchen with a variety of light tones. Repaint your kitchen cabinets with cream-coloured or off-white paint for a vintage inspired touch, and use light brown or grey hardwood floors for an easy contrast. To accessorize your cabinets, turn to hanging white pendant lamp, white porcelain jugs and soft tan walls for the perfect effect.


Photo: ulupinarmobilya on Instagram 

Use a pop of yellow to revitalize a neutral space: If your kitchen is home to modern grey walls and sleek wooden seating, bring a vibrant splash of wall into your decorating statement. The look of sunny kitchen cabinets can instantly revitalize an edgy, urban kitchen setting and inject warmth into your décor.