Colour Psychology- Here’s How This Science Can Improve Your Mood At Home

It’s no secret that one’s home is an intimate setting, where we can relax after a stressful day or enjoy time with loved ones. While you may be a decorating enthusiast with a passion for chic furniture and accent pieces, it’s almost important to consider the colour palette of your humble abode.

If you feel on edge as you walk through your door or are experiencing having sleepless nights, it may not just be situational. In fact, the psychology behind colours is said to have an impact on your mood and to affect the atmosphere of your space.

It is no secret that different colours give off different vibes, but the colours we see most often can actually change our general state of emotion.The reason why colours can change our mood has something to do with how we perceive different colours, and the emotional significance we attach to them. If a certain memory or scene reminds us of a certain colour, or even colour tone, then that colour will often make us feel the same emotions we felt when experiencing that memory. describes this science perfectly. According to the website, “colour perception is subjective, and certain colors have a very universal significance. This is coded into our reptilian brain, giving us that instinctive feeling of fire being dangerous and the beach being relaxing.”

While there are no set rules on how each room in your house could be painted, certain colours can offer a room the perfect tone you are trying to achieve. Try giving entertainment spaces life and energy, with a bright red or offer your foyer a calming, peaceful vibe with pastel tones such as light blue or pale purple.

Meanwhile, try generating creativity and optimism by adorning your kitchen with friendly yellow shades. In order to realize your desire of a sensual, comforting bedroom, use shades of with orange, as its combination of red and yellow delivers a stirring physical and uplifting emotional reaction.

Can colour psychology change the way you feel about your home, and inspire positivity and serenity? It certainly seems that research is pointing in the right direction. This summer, try replacing those dull beige walls with a cheery pastel alternative, just in time for the languid, balmy days ahead.