Beautiful Vanity Décor Ideas For Springtime

For the interior design-oriented girly girl who is constantly looking for new ways to update her space, the perfect vanity just may complete your decorating statement. With soft shades of pink and off-white hues making a splash this season at home, try incorporating this feminine décor scheme into your humble abode. Here are a few chic ways to create a flawless vanity space for Spring 2016.

Turn to elaborate mirrors and peach-hued curtains: If you’re ready to feel like a superstar preparing for a show in her backstage dressing room, finish your vanity space with gleaming oversized mirrors and marble countertops. The shining accents will help to bring an immediate air of sophistication to the area. Meanwhile, surrounding your vanity table with peachy pink curtains, a crystal chandelier and luxurious leather seating helps to wrap up your décor.


Photo: gm_decor on Instagram

Aim for simplicity with ivory shades and sleek furnishings: For minimalists who prefer understated elegance, infuse your space with monochromatic white. From off-white walls to a sleek ivory vanity and matching shelving, the look of simplicity is officially here to stay. For a finishing touch, decorate your space with a fluffy white chair, dainty wall shelves and a round silver mirror.


Photo: fortheloveofsparkle on Instagram 

Incorporate preppy pastel shades into your space: This spring, try channelling your inner princess with blush pink walls and a striking white rectangular mirror. Next, adorn your vanity desk with a series of photo frames in bubbly pastel colours, and add a trendy white ottoman for a comfy seat.