Simple And Stylish Backyard Decorating Ideas For Spring 2016

For homeowners looking to redecorate their backyards just in time for the approaching balmy weather, it’s officially time to embark on that patio makeover. Whether you’re in the mood for chic outdoor furniture or new patio decorations, the arrival of late May means that backyard season is here. We’ve curated a few simple yet décor-savvy ways to refresh your outdoor space, as you await the time of brilliant blue skies and endless sun.

Refresh your space with flowing neutral drapes and wicker furnishings: If you’re looking to bring the calm of the country to your urban or suburban backyard, turn to wicker seats for the perfect touch. Meanwhile, a glass and rattan centrepiece, glasstop patio table and airy cream-coloured curtains lend a flawless finishing touch.


Photo: ottawawinefood on Instagram

Add a pastel blue back door, wooden picnic tables and fresh florals: For a trendy backyard statement, refresh your humble outdoor space by adding pale blue paint to your back door. For a contrasting effect, wooden picnic tables in soft shades of grey and beige help to complete the look. Add hanging plants and brilliant red, pink and white blossoms to truly capture the spirit of nature.


Photo: nicky.sinclair on Instagram 

Stick to blush pink and golden shades for a feminine accessorizing finish: While a backyard oasis should look natural and relaxing, there’s nothing wrong with channelling your inner décor addict as you prepare your space. Whether you’re hosting a bridal shower or an outdoor tea party this spring, try adorning your backyard with pink and gold hues. Blush-coloured napkins, pale pink roses arranged in gleaming rose gold vases and shining gold trinkets can bring new life to your patio table. If you’re looking to turn up the glamour factor, add trailing strands of pearls and glass trays for a taste of instant luxury.